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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fine Motor

So Brody had his kindergarten readiness test last week and while my Orton-Gillingham/Saxon 1-2 punch took him above and beyond the academic prerequisites, I failed to anticipate one major component...fine motor skills!  While he practices writing his letters often enough, we rarely use scissors or tweezers and what boy wants to thread bracelets and necklaces?  I could blame it on his ambidexterity and the difficulty it places on teaching him how he should hold scissors, but really, we know where the blame lies!

So...we've thrown out the math pages and letter drills and now we're doing this! :)

(Nothing says Valentine's Day like heart cereal bracelets...
for Grandma and Aunt Carolyn, of course!)

(Once we discovered they were edible, 
we decided boys could wear/eat bracelets "just this once"!)

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